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06 August 2012 @ 08:22 am
Is this community still active?
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09 July 2011 @ 03:22 pm
Well, to be honest I'm kinda nervous about this. I've written a few stories that fall under the Classic Rock category I suppose. My friends say they're pretty good so I think I'll post them but I'm sort of nervous about posting them because some of them are sort of suggestive...I don't know how this will work but I'm willing to try it I suppose.
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24 December 2009 @ 12:46 pm
Flying Burrito Brothers fan fic . . . if anyone is out there.  (They count as Classic Rock, right?)  I have cross-posted it to my journal as well.  Any objections, let me know.  Thanks.  Enjoy! 

Gram-Fic #1 or "The Flying Burrito Brothers have an Awkward Dinner at Bob Parsons' New Orleans Home"

When their car arrived, the sun was already setting into the flat murky pinkness which seemed to stretch forever beyond the balconies and wrought iron railings and shuttered windows of the antebellum mansion. The car had come from even further beyond, traversing the endless wet flatness, that expanse of life hidden from view by the thick black Louisiana swamp, and before that, the hilly empty dustiness of America, and before that, the embracing lights and warmth of Los Angeles, to deliver its cargo here. Here, into this labyrinth of balconies and wrought iron, and into the antebellum mansion itself, with its French doors, which were open to reveal a dining room table that delicately rested on a large open patio. The table was waiting. It had been exquisitely adorned by the servants that afternoon, and now was brimming with Bob’s Cajun-flavored creations in anticipation of the car’s arrival. 

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08 October 2008 @ 02:23 pm
I would like to welcome our new mod...and second community member <lj user="77lucky77"> to the community.

Normally someone would say something inspirational, but as there are only two members at the moment (until I gain the courage to ask for more affiliates) we'll just have to deal with social awkwardness. Fun ._.
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29 September 2008 @ 11:26 pm
Hello and welcome to classicrock_fic, classic rock fanfiction for the creative mind! I'm your admin myhiddeneyes and I hope you'll join the community.

This community may seem small at first but I do hope it will grow with affiliations and all the like. Currently though I am in need of help, as you can tell my the community's layout I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to HTML and coding and seeing as I'm new to the whole "community administration" scene, I'm looking for some co-moderators. If anybody is interested please comment here or feel free to PM me.

And yes I am very aware that all my posting has seemed very awkward here, take that as proof of how nervous I am. XD

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