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Classic Rock Fic

Classic Rock Fanfiction for the Creative Mind

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Classic Rock Fanfiction for the Creative Mind
Hello and welcome to classicrock_fic , the classic rock fanfiction community for the creative mind! Upon discovering that there was no current general classic rock fiction archive on livejournal I thought that maybe it was time one was made. First I would like to state that all forms of classic rock fic are aloud here; het, slash, general, sci-fi, let your mind roam free! As well as posing here I strongly encourage that you post in your fandom's communities as well.

Before I continue I would like to apologize for the extreme fail in this community's design, as soon as I can find myself a tech savvy friend or a co-moderator who's willing to help this will be fixed. Please be patient and hopefully everything will work itself out.

Basic Rules

1. If it is not related to classic rock, please go someplace else. No one here wants to read your Jonas Brothers/Miley Cyrus crossover, chances are there is a community meant for that and that's where your fic belongs. 80s music fics will be tolerated by the way, but 90s music is really pushing it.

2. Please be nice. We all don't want to be mentioned on fanficrants or stupid_free do we? In general, no fandom wank/bashing, constructive criticism is okay, but nothing like "You suck and writing. Go kill yourself. lulz", that's seen enough on fanfiction.net after all.

3. All fanfiction must be behind a livejournal cut, with a header before hand. If your fic contains slash/smut, please use the following header format:

Warning(s) (if necessary)

4. Language: I don't really care, bad language is a-okay on my terms. The only rule regarding this is offensive language cannot be used to deliberately insult or harass another member.

5. Blatant disregard or constant breaking of the rules will result in banning. I really don't want to do this so please follow the rules, I am a very laid back person but even I have limits.

If you would like to affiliate or have any other questions please contact the admin myhiddeneyes. I am constantly online when I am not a school or anywhere away from a computer.

Thanks again ^_^

Your Mods